ad astra per aspera

We will never be content. To say so would either be lying or a complete mastery of life. The latter harder to do. And by harder, I mean impossible. We are always getting to the next step. Finding our next challenge and conquering it. Like a video game. A never-ending quest for self-gratification. Unless you live for someone, or something, else. One of the main reasons for my faith. Which most people cannot comprehend. When I stopped living life for myself, I started to understand things. Life was easier. There is a purpose. From an atheist perspective, this sounds silly. But doesn't living for yourself just to die and return to nothing sound pretty lonely? We are all going to die some day. There are no exceptions to this rule. To the people that say I am wrong (because I never will), does it not sound better to live with hope? Hope for something. Anything. Other than living to die for nothing. Solomon had anything a person living for himself could ask for. He had wealth, wisdom, power, and women. The four things all dudes want. But in the end, he realized it was all worthless. He was going to die. And none of it was coming with him. There is nothing new under the sun. Solomon, while having everything, had nothing. He had no more hope. In today's society, it is much harder to follow commandments. But doing so yields rewards. We have no signs. We have no plagues. No one hears the booming voice of God. But I do have hope. I know that I am living for something more than myself. It is difficult, and sometimes seems pointless. But I cannot get through challenges and difficulties knowing there will continue to be more. And more. And then some more. Until I die. And then there will be nothing. I will never be content on earth looking for worldly pleasures. I look for the future above the sun. Life will be difficult. But you get to the stars through difficulty. And you get through the difficulty through hope and faith.

per difficultas per fides

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