The radio is just awful

Music is the single greatest thing in life. There is nothing else even close. I am, however, troubled. I am troubled by today's top 40 radio. The lyrics are senseless. The melodies have been done before. I do not understand how anyone can connect to these songs. What the heck is the deal with Kesha? All she's doing is a less tasteful version of the B-52s. She gets up there and talks to music that engineers and producers create. Why is she famous?

Am I just "weird" for thinking that real music should be more popular? Riddle me this, if you will...why is all "good" music considered Indie because it actually has melodies and lyrics that aren't about partying and stealing boyfriends? What happened to talent being praised? I get in discussions with people about what makes a song or band good. I don't always listen to music to hear a catchy hook or something that makes me want to dance. Because I dance all the time. I listen for talent. I listen for grooves. I listen for heartfelt and poetic lyrics. I listen for melody. And apparently, that means I like Indie bands.

Have you ever heard of The Reign of Kindo? If you haven't, go to youtube and search for the song Hold Out. Go. Right now. Do it. Thank me later. They are incredible musicians being left in the dark by today's upbeat society. You can listen to the same song 5 times in a row, each instrument at a time, and get a whole new perspective. I wonder if I'm just getting old. I grew up to people telling me I need to listen to classic rock and appreciate it. And I mean...yea. It's good. It set the stage for a lot of music I listen to now. But it's simple. And I can't stand the vocals. Freddy Mac, and Steve Perry are some of the exceptions. I just made that nickname up for my man Freddie. Doesn't really even make sense, but I like it. Back to my question of whether or not I'm just getting old. I don't think it's that. The difference between classic rock and today's rock is subtle, really. Better vocals. More intricate parts. Waaaaaayyyy better drums. But it's still rock. Today's pop radio is none of that. 4 on the floor drums. Weird synths. Catchy vocal melodies, yes. But terrible lyrics to go along with those. You don't even have to have the ability to sing. Kesha being example one, Fergie being example 2. I can make just about any voice sound like the next big thing in my personal studio with Pro Tools. I have a plug in that gives you a virtual throat that you can make longer, shorter, fatter, or slimmer. Not to mention pitch correction and just warping in general. Digital recording has killed good music. Being an engineer, I can hear pitch correction in every song on the radio. Mostly because the engineers and producers are just awful. It's like they don't even try.

So, since at least 2 people read this, I'm going to give you a few bands that you have to listen to. Some you may have heard of. Some, maybe not. But this is music. This is what it's supposed to be. These are real lyrics that you can connect with. These are songs that give you feelings other than wanting to party and drink a lot. Do yourself a favor and take a listen. I've classified them into the genre I think best fits.

Bands you might not have heard of
The Reign of Kindo - Jazz Rock
Mumford and Sons - Folk
Brett Detar - Folk/Americana with incredible vocals
A Fine Frenzy - Chick with a ridiculous voice
Hanson (yes...still making music, and very good)
Lydia - Soothing rock with a punch

Top 10 past and present
1. Jimmy Eat World
2. Anberlin
3. Blink -182
4. Copeland
5. The Format
6. Motion City Soundtrack
7. Acceptance
8. The Juliana Theory
9. The Classic Crime
10. Death Cab for Cutie

Listen to these bands. All of them are my definition of what music should be. If you disagree, you are most likely wrong. Because my opinion is the best. And if you like Kesha...you are what is wrong with the world.

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