Just staring at this screen. Been about 5 minutes. I'm dying to write something. Can't figure out if there is too much on my mind or not enough. Life is so odd. Facebook and Twitter gives us an in depth look at everyone's lives. Sometimes wish they didn't exist. Sometimes they remind you that you're still single, don't have a real job, and living with two other dudes. Sometimes makes me forget that I'm actually happy doing that because I know better things are coming quickly. Social media is an odd thing too. Just like life. Makes first dates easier. Just look at their interests. Find something to talk about. You can study for your date. Blogs are odd too. I guess that can be included with social media. Blogs are odd because right now you are reading what was going through my head at 1AM on a Friday morning. It's timestamped, unlike chapters of a book. Where am I going with this? Who knows. Certainly not me. Back to social media. You know what I don't want to see? Someone's ultrasound. That's just weird. I mean, seriously? Can anyone else back me up on this? I don't want to see inside of you. Stop. Know what else I don't want to see? PDA. I don't care how much you love your significant other. Send him/her a text or something. What's funny is the arguments people get into about sports and politics. Most of the sports arguments are just ridiculous. Both sides have no idea what they are talking about and just pull things out of nowhere. Get pretty angry too. Like the people playing on the field are their family members. So I guess this is about it for this late night edition of rambling. Maybe I can come up with something worthwhile soon. But until then, I'll just keep letting you know I'm alive and still here. I click on this bookmark almost every night but am completely void of words. As you can see, it isn't the most entertaining thing in the world when I actually go through with it.

It's been raining a lot lately. Not sure how I feel about that. Oh wait, yea I do. It's not good. Really brings my mood down. I have to Tebow it up every day and just look for the positives. Hey man. You'll get it next time. We got this. Lets go. You are awesome. I say these things to myself as forms of encouragement. It works sometimes. When it rains, I sometimes like to pretend I'm in a movie. Refer to a few posts down the road to view how much I like my rain hair. That's really the only positive thing about rain. Except, of course, keeping things alive. Movie sets are always so much more dramatic in the rain. So I make everything dramatic. To myself, that is. I would look like a lunatic otherwise. Try it next time. Pretend a camera is on you next time it rains. Even if you're just walking down stairs or getting the mail. Run your hand through your rain hair. Makes you forget that rain kind of sucks. By now you are probably thinking...is he still talking about rain? Yes. I am. My brain is deprived of actual content. Well not really. Just can't publish some of the stuff I'm thinking. Between Twitter, Facebook, and this I have to keep some stuff private, right? Welp. See ya later.


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