I walk a fine line between realism and cynicism. Only difference between the two is bias. But being a realist sounds better than a cynic, so I go with the former. Finding the scraps of positive in a heap of negative has grown difficult. But I'm done weighing the good and the bad. That only fuels the fire that consumes my cynical thoughts. Instead, I'm just going to go back to living. I realized my posts have a lot of negativity in them, and could perhaps be misleading. I am well. What you get are the thoughts floating around in my head. Sometimes sharing them with people that may or may not care helps. Actually, I'm not sure if it does, but I like to type. In the past, I also tried to write in a form that would be easy and entertaining to read. But that defeats the purpose, I think. My train of thought is wonderful. Right now, I'm thinking about rain. Sometimes I like to stand in it. Getting rained on is soothing in a way. My brain is saying I am under distress. "Run," it says. "This is not normal. At least put a small item over your head." I say to my brain, "Brain...don't tell me what to do." Everybody always goes nuts and tries to run and get out of it. Like they are about to cross paths with their soulmate and he/she will despise you for being wet. It's water. It dries. Plus, I think my rain hair looks better than normal hair. I hope I cross paths with my soulmate when I have rain hair. She will not be able to resist. I bought an umbrella once. Used it once. Because I was with a girl and wanted to put on my best impression of a gentleman. She didn't get to see the rain hair. I do pretty good impressions. I can do a really good, "guy pretending to listen." I sometimes don't know if I'm supposed to laugh at the end or say, "Man...that sucks." Because like I said...it's an impression of a guy pretending to listen. So what's next on the agenda? I suppose I should update more often. Surprisingly enough, people still read this. I sometimes don't know what to talk about. Wait...remix. I rarely know what to talk about. Like right now. This whole post is about nothing. But you will read it. And you will rejoice, for I am blogging again. And you will go to work or school tomorrow and think to yourself...I wonder what Matt will post later. And all day, you will be itching to come home and sit at your computer. Chin rested on left hand. Is it there right now? That's how I sit at the computer. This brings me back around to my main point. I have finally admitted to myself that I am a cynic. Tune in next post when I find out if that is a good or a bad thing. Hint: I like it. Everyone else hates it. Spoiler alert: It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's not good. Cheers.

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