The numbers are lying.

I hate being wrong. I really do. What I hate more...being wrong and not having anything concrete to prove why. I rarely blog about sports. I normally blog about random things. But by golly...I have to talk about Tim Tebow.

You know what I don't want? A QB that completes a pass 47% of the time. When a lot of that is boosted from his 81% completion rating from passes behind the line of scrimmage. At least I thought I wouldn't. Let's get things straight first though. I was never a Tebow hater. I hoped and still up that he becomes the best QB to ever play the game. But I'm a numbers guy. I love numbers. I see a difference between hating and being realistic. Option QB's flop in the NFL. Unless you are Michael Vick and can outrun a DB. Realistic is saying that Tebow doesn't put up the numbers to be an NFL QB. Hating is saying that LeBron James will never win a title. The difference is numbers. LeBron has the numbers to back him up. Tebow has...um...something. LeBron choked in the 4th quarter. Tebow thrives. Tebow fan or not, let's be honest...his numbers more than stink. His numbers smell like that paper mill across the river that stinks up a whole town. But Tebow's got the Febreeze and he's covering it up well.

I simply can't understand how it keeps happening. It's a phenomenon that I have never seen or even dreamed of. For the first 3 quarters, Tebow looks like Matt Saracen when he replaced Jason Street in Friday Night Lights. His feet are all over the place. There is no rhythm. He throws out of bounds, at the receivers' feet, or just not even close. Three total touchdowns in the first half out of the 8 games he has started. 32% on third down conversions. 30% completion percentage when winning.

All that and this dude is 7-1 as a starter. If there is even the slightest chance that they can pull off a win, it's going to happen. Today's example is a good one. 4:34 left and Denver has 0 points. They need 10. Tebow goes out there and looks like Tom Brady. His feet are solid. The ball is spinning. He's hitting guys in stride. They drive, and they score. 2:08 left. The ONLY way they can win at this point is if they get the onside kick. Not gonna happen this time. Bears recover. Now they can just run out the clock. But wait. Retard Barber goes out of bounds and we all know what is about to happen. Tebow gets the ball and with the help of his kicker blasting a ridiculous 59 yard field goal we go into overtime. Bears win the toss. Bears get the ball in field goal range. Retard Barber just has to hang on to the ball. He breaks free and it looks like 6. Drops the ball. He didn't get stripped. He drops the ball. Tebow drives. And again gets help from his from #5 to win the game.

That sounds like it shouldn't have happened. And for one game I can give it to them. But 5? 5 come from behind wins with ridiculous circumstances that shouldn't have happened including interceptions, onside kicks, fumbles, and just stupidity by the opposing team. People joke about it...but Tebow has God on his side. I know God isn't a football fan. Well I don't know. Maybe he is. But I do believe that if you give it all to God you will be rewarded. And honestly, at this point...I have no other explanation. I really don't. These numbers are lying. Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback. At least that's what I thought. He plays like a scared child for 3 quarters and then beast modes the 4th. I don't get it. I really don't.

So here's to you, Timmy. I tip my cap to you and officially join Team Tebow. To say the least, it is the most entertaining football I have ever seen in my life. In the last 5 minutes, that is. The rest of the game, I'd rather catch up on laundry or take a nap. Whatever you're doing...whatever it is...however the heck you are getting this done...you're doing it. You are winning. And in the grand scheme of the NFL, a W is all that matters.

Keep it up. It's so much fun to watch. But do me a favor and remember you have 3 other quarters to play. I'd like to watch an entire game without falling asleep.

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